Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Serve?

In case you haven't noticed recently, we have a culture that tends to remain apathetic or ignorant towards the plight of others. Yes, we do show some sympathy towards the countless tragedies of the third world, and some of us, if we have some disposable income, may feel compelled to put some money in an envelope and send it off to one of many charities to feed the hungry mouths of these places (and its a good thing to do so), but at the end of the day, things don't really change for us. We go to bed each night well fed and complacent, we wake each morning and spend more on our morning coffee than the people who harvest that coffee get for a daily wage. In many ways, we unconsciously feed the system of poverty with our own indifference and apathy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to STARR!

Welcome, on the behalf of the Marian University STARR Core Team, to the Marian University STARR (Students Taking Active Reflective Roles) blog. With this blog we hope to harness the medium of the Internet to share the message of STARR with a larger audience, as well as allowing others to share their STARR stories and posting reflections on service, Catholic Social Teaching, and other themes. Please feel free to look around, read about what we do, and hopefully you'll join us in serving our community!

If you have participated in STARR and would like to share your experience on the blog, please email your story to the blog master, Joe Gehret at or to the STARR coordinator Tyler Tenbarge at If you have any questions regarding STARR or its service opportunities, contact Tyler of Jeanne Hidalgo at Thanks for stopping by!